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Support our cause...

We are extremely grateful to all of the people in our community who offer their support; financially, with time, by spreading news of our work to the wider community, by using our paid-for services.


Please find on this page details of ways in which you can continue to offer your support to allow all people to live in the state of calm and grace that we want for everyone, the state of 'Ataraxia'.


Co-Op Community Fund

If you are a member of the Co-Op, in the North West, you can choose Ataraxia as your preferred community group for the donation of your Co-Op member points. In just a short space of time, we have benefitted from our Co-op funding to run an Absolute Beginners running course to get local people in the habit of running for health, wellness and social inclusion.

Follow this link to sign up for just £1 and choose Ataraxia for All as your local cause: 



Ataraxia for All CIC has an open crowdfund so that we can offer reactive support to circumstances where we would like to help or can make a difference. Our crowdfunding initiatives so far include refreshments for Litter Picking activities, match funding for a community defibrillator for our HQ and to run coffee mornings for our local elderly residential community. Crowdfunding offers us the freedom to run small scale immediate activities with an immediate impact, and every penny donated is gratefully received and put to good use. 

Donate here and please feel free to suggest ways in which you'd like to see us help.

Ataraxia Raffles

We occasionally run raffles to support Ataraxia's causes. We will update this section regularly with current raffle details, with the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets.

Our current raffle is to win a set of eight gift boxed crystals from sponsor La Petite Mort - all proceeds will go to match fund our community defibrillator, a literal life-saving cause.

Current Raffle will be drawn
15th April

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