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Ataraxia (registered as ‘Ataraxia for All CIC’ company no: 14338459) is a Community Interest Company founded by renowned professional athlete and World-Class coach Tom Blackledge, and his wife Stella Blackledge MiTOL, a Learning and Development professional. We founded Ataraxia to offer exceptional quality sporting, mentoring and training opportunities to equip individuals, groups and businesses with the ‘tools for tranquility’ necessary to be the very best of themselves.


We will work to improve the physical and mental health, skills, and confidence of citizens in the local community, with an emphasis on those who are hard-to-reach due to deprivation, emotional or mental health difficulties, or any other socio-economic issues which contribute to individuals becoming distanced from engaging with the local community.


The ancient Greek term ‘ATARAXIA’ means
freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety, to be in a state of calm tranquility and readiness for life.
We believe that all people – regardless of age, status and abilities – deserve to achieve this state of ataraxia, and our highest aim as an organisation is therefore;
‘To enable achievement of ataraxia for all.’

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Ebenezer School & Chapel, James Street, Ince, Wigan, WN3 4JY, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 7960 965666

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